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July 06, 2013


Paramourtal Vol. Two now available!

My co-editor,
K. Stoddard Hayes, and I worked overtime to finish production on Paramourtal Volume 2, the next book in the award-nominated paranormal romance series from Cliffhanger Books. Now it's finally available in print and digital formats. Here's a list of stories and authors included in the anthology:

PramourtalAngel's Touch by Alicia W. Brewster
Bump in the Night by Nicole Dethmers
Brownie Points by Wayne Ligon
Chindi Moon by Kevin Hosey
Dancing wth the Rain by Timothy Buller
The Fourth Wish by Tarl Kudrick
Lending Luck by Cheryl Rydbom
A Single Touch by Julie Luton

The Shimmer in the Woods by Leslie S. Rose
Split Apart by Nicky Peacock

For more details and to order a copy, visit CliffhangerBooks.com.

See my interview at Read2Review:

I was interviewed by the review site Read2Review about the creation of Paramourtal, Volume 2. In it I discuss the exceptional stories written by all the authors, and how much I enjoyed working with co-editor K. Stoddard Hayes once again. To read the interview, click here.

My story "Cure" is now two major (sorta) motion pictures

I announced awhile back that my short story "Cure" (published in Hint Fiction ) would be one of ten stories included in the 2011 Hint Fiction Film Contest. Cool news! I was informed a month ago that two filmakers actuall used it as the basis for their 60-second films. Even cooler! I also learned recently that ten of the submitted contest films were selected by a panel of judges (including director Kevin Smith) to compete at the 2012 Vail Film Festival. I still haven't heard if my story is one of them though. For those attending the festiuval, the films will be shown on March 31 at 2:30 pm. Good luck to all the drectors.

The critics love Gods of Justice!

ComicsBulletin.com just gave Gods of Justice, the anthology of original superhero stories I co-edited, an outstanding 5 BULLETS (out of 5) rating. See their review here. And read the positive praise given by these other sites: Adventures Fantastic, Comic Booked, Know Your Marvel News, Ren's Bloggin' About and David Jace's blog sites.

David Jace just gave my story "Blunt Force Trauma" (from Gods of Justice) a very nice review in his blog: "This story specializes not on cool super heroics or flashy powers, but on relationships and plot twists…Caught by surprise, and left gasping for breath, [it left] my mind spinning to grasp the ramifications of it all."

Bigfoot TalesMy sci-fi Sasquatch story appears in Bigfoot Tales

Open Casket Press just released their fun and furry anthology Bigfoot Tales. It features new stories about the big hairy legend from several writers. One of them is mine called "Our Own Backyard." Synopsis: Many, many years in the future, Dr. Ignatius Reese, chief medical officer on the starship Encantare, visits Earth on shore leave. There, deep in the lush forests of Oregon, he discovers the long lost truth behind the ancient legend of Sasquatch. Hope you read and enjoy it. Available now in print and e-book.

Read my sci-fi and horror tales -- in just two sentences!
Hall Brothers
My two VERY short stories, a sci-fi tale called "Faith" and a horror tale called "Hunger," are up in the Two Sentence Stories section of publisher Hall Brothers Entertainment's website. To read them go to: Faith. and Hunger. Similar to my Hint Fiction tale, ''Cure,'' they convey a full story in just a few words. Hope you enjoy them.

While you're at it, check out their other exciting two sentence stories, weekly episodic tales, holiday themed fiction, anthologies and much more.

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